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IITB & Super30 Alumni Founded, InstaPreps AI, The Confidence App, is World’s first confidence diagnosis & confidence building platform presenting a unique and out-of-box approach towards education for the 1.3 billion young minds of the world.



InstaPreps AI : The Confidence App 's AMA

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Strong education pedigree & technology backgound of founders, experience of counselling more than 3000 students. Star teachers & coaches with 10+ years of experience passouts of IIT, NIT & Super30. First exit of the founder in portea IPO.

Completed 5 lakhs diagnosis globally. 100+Schools & 50+ Caochings partners using the platform. Traction of 6 Lacs app downloads, 82k+ Monthly Active Users within 15 month of launch.

Footprint in 2400+cities across the globe including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, USA & UAE. Paying customers in USA, Malasia, Nepal & India.

Backed by key academic professors of Cornell, Oxford university, Massachusetts University, University of British Columbia. Notable Deeptech Angel Investors from Venture Catalysts, Avendus Capital, Goldman Sachs, Google, Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Green Frontier Capital etc


Making startup investments accessible

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