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BabyG App is an early development ecosystem for babies. Think of it as a HealthifyMe for babies, supporting their development, nutrition, health, and happiness - Globally! Founded by IIM alumni, BabyG is trusted by 200,000 parents globally with India, US and UK as their key markets. BabyG is backed by marquee investors like AngelList, Ice VC, and angel investors Mihir Somaiya (Sr. Director of Growth Partnerships, Microsoft), Kaushik Bagchi (Business Leader, avid Angel Investor), Abhishek Kumbhat (Founder & CEO - Spidblue) amongst others.



BabyG's AMA

What is an AMA?
AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a 45-60 minute online zoom session for investors to directly interact with the startup founders and ask any questions that they have regarding the startup or the campaign.
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Backed by AngelList and Ice VC; Incubated by Nasscom10000 Startups

Highest rated app (4.8 stars on playstore) in the segment

Trusted by 200,000 parents from 25+ countries

20 lakh Activities; 6 Lakh Milestones done


Making startup investments accessible

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5th Floor, 3-A Jai Hind Estate, Dr. Atmaram
Merchant Road Bhuleshwar, Kalbadevi,
Mumbai - 400002
CIN U74999MH2021PTC353592

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